Sketch2mail becomes Splite and will manage your landing page integration very soon 🔥🔥


Answers to all your questions.
Is the integrated email responsive?
Splite uses adaptive technology to handle the different sizes. The design of each size must be present in the file provided for it to be integrated automatically.
Is the generated code clean?
We guarantee a clean and optimized code for all mailboxes. This is our priority.
How are non-native fonts handled?
To guarantee a result that conforms to the design on all mailboxes, texts using non-native font are transformed into images
Is the email optimized in terms of deliverability?
We guarantee an optimized code in terms of deliverability: limitation of the file size, number of code lines, weight of the images.
How to use the generated code by the algorithm?
At the end of the integration, you get an HTML code that you can easily integrate into the tool of your choice (Mailchimp, Mailjet, etc.).
What software is supported by Splite?
At first, Splite only supports Sketch. Managing Adobe Photoshop, AdobeXD and Figma are in our short term roadmap.
How does the algorithm work?
The algorithm analyzes and processes your sketch file then transforms it into code following the same process as a professional integrator.
How long does it take to generate the code?
Allow less than 5 minutes to download your file and transform it into neat HTML code.
How do I fill in the links in my email?
After approving the integration, you will be redirected to our builder to fill in the links on your email. You can put a link on text, an image or a button.