Create unique & powerful emails

Design your email in Sketch (and soon Figma), Splite automatically converts it to clean code. Really clean.
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Create with complete freedom

No more drag-and-drop tools. Take advantage of the power of Sketch or Figma to let your imagination run wild with ease.

Everything becomes possible

Splite integrates all designs, even the most complex ones.

A tailor-made algorithm

Email integration has its constraints. Splite explains them and helps you decide how your email will be integrated.

Produce quickly & well

With Splite, designing an email becomes a breeze. Design on Sketch and seamlessly switch to HTML in minutes.

Quality code

No need for integrators. The Splite algorithm takes into account the particularities of all mailboxes to develop perfect code.

Intelligent correction

An error on your file ? Splite detects it & helps you to correct it.

Customize the rendering

A link to add? A last minute text to modify? You can do it directly from our builder.

Integration in 5 minutes

Why wait hours or days to get the HTML code of your design? Splite generates it in less than 5 minutes.